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Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Optimize my website for Search Engines?

How to be found on Google

You want your website to appear in the search results when somebody types its name, and also when somebody looks for your activity in your city or region. Search Engine Optimization is a big subject, but there are some simple things you can do to help your website be found by search engines. Where to start?

SimDif’s Optimization Assistant, Guides and FAQs can help you build a website that is seen by search engines

The red button in the bottom left corner opens a useful help area with Mini Guides, Videos, and FAQs.

When you feel ready to publish, the Optimization Assistant is there to help you to complete you check that your site has everything your readers and Google will be looking for.

For more guidance on SEO visit:

Write for the Web

How do I add keywords to my website?

What does the SimDif Optimization Assistant do?

How do I Choose the Right Domain Name for my website?

How to choose the right name for your website

A website name can be based either around your brand or keywords that describe what you do, or both.

In both cases, try to keep your domain name concise, easy to memorize and easy to spell.

If you decide to use your brand as your domain name, make sure to use keywords that clearly describe your business or activity in the title of your homepage.

If you use keywords in your domain name, keep it short and clear. For example or

Think about the words and phrases people will use to look for your website on Google.

How do I add Social Media Buttons to my website?

Send your visitors to your social media profiles and business pages

Social media buttons can be used to link your readers to your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

These buttons are only available on SimDif Smart and Pro sites.

To add Social Media buttons to your site go to “Add a New Block”, then “Special”. Scroll down and you will see “Social media button”.