Test Your Contact Page

How To Test Your Contact Page

It's important to test your contact page to see what your visitors and clients will experience.

Make sure that your email provider doesn't think emails from your contact page are spam:

● After publishing your website, visit your contact page and look at it like a visitor or client. Think about what kind of welcome message would be helpful for your visitors.

● Use the contact form to send yourself a test message. The first field is for the return address (where you'll get the reply), so use an email address you have access to. Fill in the other fields and click send.

● The message should quickly arrive to the email address you used to created your SimDif account.

● If the message does not arrive in your inbox, check your spam folder. Email providers like Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook can be overly strict. Gmail may also mark messages as spam by mistake.

● If it's there, look for a button that says "don't block this sender", "not spam" or "move to inbox”. Then, test your contact page again.

● Telling your email provider that you want these messages should work for a long time. But as a website owner, remember to check your spam folder regularly.

Tip: Your contact page is also a great place to share your phone number, address, and links to your preferred communication apps.

If you manage your own email server:

Add @simple-different.com and @simdif.com to your safe senders list.