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More pages, more choices, friendly price

Monthly Payment

USD 4.90

( USD 58.80 / year )

Annual Payment

USD 49

( USD 4.08 / month )


Enhanced features and customization

Monthly Payment

USD 8.90

( USD 106.80 / year )

Annual Payment

USD 89

( USD 7.42 / month )

Features Starter Smart Pro


• Number of pages 7 12 30
• FAQ pages and blocks

Optimization for Search Engines (SEO)

• Optimization Assistant
• Your website in the SimDif SEO Directory
• Structured data (schema markups)

Mini Guides

• How-To Videos
• FAQs
• Contextual tips and guides


• In-app hotline (replies within 24 hours)
• Get professional feedback on your published site

E-commerce solutions

• Integrate a fully featured Online Store with: Ecwid, Sellfy
• Create Buttons to accept payments with: PayPal, Gumroad, Sellfy
• Let customers pay to download a file via Digital Downloads with: Gumroad, Ecwid, Sellfy

Blog comments

• Enable and moderate your visitors comments


• Buttons linking to your own social networks
• Buttons linking to your favorite communication apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, and more)
• Customizable Call-to-Action buttons

Social networks

• Easy sharing icons (AddThis)
• Control how your site looks when it is shared on social networks

Site statistics

• Stats on your visitors behavior
• Install and use Google Analytics


• Color presets 14 56 56
• Create your own theme

Shapes of tabs and pages

• Shape presets 6 15 15
• Create your own shapes


• Font presets 9 18 18
• Create your own sets


• Simple contact form
• Customizable forms

Ads on your site

• Remove ads
• Enable your own Google AdSense to place Ads on your site

Page with password

• Password protected pages

Multi language support

• Duplicate your site so it can be translated
Domain names Starter Smart Pro
• Use a free domain ending in
• Buy your own domain with, at a normal price, and use it with your site
• Connect an existing domain name that is currently registered with another provider
Included in all versions
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Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Deal on SimDif Smart and Pro?

Special offer, 3 years for the price of 2

To take advantage of our special offer, 3 years for the price of 2, login into your SimDif site with a web browser, from a phone or a computer:

Visit your Site Settings (top right button) and go to "Upgrade or Renew". You will see the special offer.

Watch the tutorial video:
How To Pay For Smart and Pro On The Web

How long can I keep my free SimDif website?

Starter sites need to be published once every 3 months

The free version of SimDif is not a time-limited trial. Just publish your Starter site at least once every 3 months to keep it online for free.

Each time you publish your site, try to look at it with fresh eyes and improve it a little bit.

If there are no updates to your site after 6 months, we will understand that you don’t want to use it anymore, and erase it.

How many websites can I have in one SimDif account?

How many sites can I have on the same account

You can have up to 7 free Starter sites on the same account, and as many Smart or Pro sites as you like.