The Optimization Assistant

Publish with Confidence

SimDif makes the process of building a website easy for everyone, regardless of experience. But whether you are building a website for your business, an organization or a personal project, there can be a lot of information to manage. Even experienced website creators may overlook small details, and that's where SimDif's Optimization Assistant steps in for a final check.

When you hit Publish

The Assistant makes a thorough review of your entire website, examining every page, block, and element to make sure nothing important is missed. You then get a page by page report of recommendations, each of which can be clicked to take you to the exact place on your site where your attention is needed.

It's optional – You can always tap "Publish Now"!

If you are in a hurry and want to fix missing items later, or if you believe the recommendations are not essential for your goals, you can always skip the Assistant's advice by tapping the Publish Now button.

What does the Optimization Assistant check for?

Unverified Email Address: Your email address is important for communication and account security. The assistant will remind you to verify your email address.

Missing Metadata: This behind-the-scenes information is crucial for search engines to understand and properly display your site in search results. The assistant will tell you if a Search Engine Title or meta description is missing for any of your pages.

Empty Blocks and Titles: The assistant will identify any empty blocks, and missing titles, to help you create a more organized and visitor-friendly experience.

Missing Images: Images add color to your site, and help to illustrate your ideas in an engaging way. The assistant will advise you of any missing images.

Unset Buttons: The assistant will point out if buttons are missing links, or if E-commerce buttons are missing the code that makes them work.

And much more ...

Publish without Regrets

The Optimization Assistant lets you publish your website knowing that every detail has been checked. Think of it as a safety net that helps your website be ready for visitors and optimized for search engines.