Easier Website Building with Kai, SimDif's AI Assistant

At SimDif, we've always believed in making website creation simple, and with the integration of Kai, we're taking another step towards helping you build your website more easily.

Kai is an AI-powered advisor specially designed to help you navigate the world of website content creation.

Take your own ideas further while keeping your authentic voice

Kai gives advice and suggestions, rather than taking over the creative process, so that you are never left with a site that doesn't express who you really are and what you actually do. When you have made at least a start on your content, Kai can build on your ideas and help you improve your key pages. If you work on your homepage last, Kai can review every page to help you organize and focus on your most important content.

With Kai as your advisor, you can help your website reach its full potential.

Communicate your unique knowledge of your business

We believe that you will always be the best person to create a website for your business or project. Kai is designed to be your collaborative partner, guiding and supporting your website creation journey. If you get stuck or run out of ideas, Kai can suggest new topics and pages, without generating too much of the content for you.

Kai makes it easier to express what you already know in a way that resonates with your clients.

Improve your titles, your SEO, and spark ideas

Kai can review and help you improve every aspect of your website's content, from the text and titles to the metadata for search engines. If you run out of ideas, Kai can suggest new topics and pages, and also write alternative titles and metadata for you to choose from.

Go through each page, step-by-step, with advice and ideas from an AI-powered expert.

Get help choosing the right Domain Name for your website

Finding the perfect domain name can be challenging, which is why Kai will only suggest domain names that are available, so you won't waste time and effort on fruitless searches.

With Kai's insights, you’ll find it easier to choose a domain name that fits your brand and your website's goals.

Kai is completely optional

We believe that when and how you use AI should be up to you. If you want to make your website without the help of AI, the choice is yours.

While Kai is here to help, you are always free to build your website on your own terms.

SimDif's Ethical Charter for integrating AI

To ensure that you remain in control of your content, The Simple Different Company has written an ethical charter for the use of AI in all our apps and services. The charter commits to transparency, data privacy, user autonomy, and the ability for you to opt in or out at any time.