Help People Find Your Business

Make Sure Google Can Find You, So Your Visitors Can Too

In a previous newsletter we said that when people look for something online, they often include a location in their search. That's why it's important, when relevant for what you do, to mention your location in key places on your website.

Where to Mention Your Location

On Your Homepage
Your homepage is a key place to mention where you are. If your business welcomes customers in person or serves a specific area, include your location or service area in your homepage title.

You can also use phrases like "serving the Greater Chicago area" or "located in the heart of Paris' in your text.

On Your Contact Page
Along with the contact form already on the page, use a block to add your address, phone number, and any other relevant details.

Create a "Where to Find Us" Page
If where you are is important, consider adding a location page. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple locations. Add a Google map and photos of nearby landmarks to help people find you. This is also a good place to put your opening hours.

Tips for Including Your Location

Be Specific about Where You Are
If your business is in New York, don't just say "New York" – mention the borough and neighborhood. If you are in a rural area or small town, include the name of the region or the nearest big city.

Use Location Words Naturally
Include your location in titles and text in a way that feels natural and genuinely helps your visitors.

Boost Your Online Presence with Local Listings

Create a Google Business Profile to add you business to Google Maps.

If another maps or local business listing service is more popular in your country, then add your business there.