Stats for Your Site

Get to Know Your Audience

Go to Site Settings, tap Analytics and then Number of Visitors to see how people interact with your website.

Three Key Metrics to Watch

1. Visitors: How many people came to your site in the last 24 hours, 7 days, or 5 weeks?
2. Active vs Passing Visitors: Who browsed multiple pages, and who saw one page and immediately left?
3. Pages per Visitor: How many pages did people visit on average?

1. How To Increase Your Visitor Count

Get More Visitors by Promoting Your Site
• Include your website address on your business card, brochures, and in your email signature.
• Share your site on social media and reply to comments.
• Ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on Google Maps or on any review sites your website is listed on.
• Talk to local businesses and link to each other's websites.
• Create interesting content that visitors will want to share.

2. Why Did Some Stay and Others Leave?

More important than the total number of visitors is understanding who actually browsed your site (Active Visitors), and who left immediately after seeing the first page (Passing Visitors).

Did They Find What They Came For?
Make sure what people find on your site matches what they expected from the link or advert they clicked on.

Did You Answer Their Questions?
If visitors left quickly, your site may be missing answers to important questions. Make sure you have interesting and useful information on the topics you present.

Did They Get Stuck on Your Homepage?
Your homepage should be a clear roadmap to your key pages. Offer easy next steps with a well organized menu, carefully placed text links, and Mega Buttons to preview and take visitors to important pages.

3. How to Keep Your Visitors Interested

The Average number of pages viewed per visitor will vary depending on how many pages you have, and how you divide your content. But, a steady increase in this number is a strong sign that your site is getting better.

Leave a Trail of Links
The best way to improve the number of pages your visitors read is to make sure every page has links and Mega Buttons leading to other pages.

Think Like a Visitor
Imagine your website has no menu and you can only guide your reader with text links and buttons. Putting yourself in your visitor's shoes, if someone liked the current page, what else might they be curious about?