Link Your Site to the Web

Strengthen Your Website with Links

The web is all about connecting things together. Links help build the reputation of your site for both Google and your readers.

Internal Links Guide Your Visitors

Make Navigation Easy
Add links to your text as you edit by highlighting the desired words, clicking the ‘chain’ icon ?, and going to the ‘Internal’ tab. Choose link text that matches the destination page. For example, "Visit our contact page to email us" could be used to link to your Contact page.

Draw Attention to Important Pages
The brighter colors and underlined text of links catch the eye of even quick readers, helping them to find the parts of your site that interest them most. You can also use Call-to-Action buttons to more boldly point out key pages.

Preview Pages with Mega Buttons
Mega buttons with previews are an easy way to introduce a topic and then take readers to the page to learn more.

External Links Add Value

Share Useful Resources
Consider adding a few helpful external links for your readers. You could even create a "Useful Links" or "Our Favorite Sites" page for this purpose.

Choose Links Your Visitors Will Appreciate
Usefulness, relevance, and originality are key when choosing sites to link to.

Highlight Your Presence Across the Web
External links can also be used to take people to your own blog or social media pages.

Backlinks Build Your Reputation

Whats are Backlinks?
Backlinks are links from other sites to yours. When it comes to backlinks, quality matters more than quantity. The best backlinks come from sites directly related to your business or region.

Where to Get Good Backlinks
Some good sources of backlinks include:

• Professional and local directories
• Your Google Business Profile (on Google Maps)
• Specialized blogs and review sites
• Your own YouTube videos and social media posts
• Yelp, TripAdvisor and similar sites

Give Your Site a Boost with the SimDif Directory

Add Your Smart or Pro Site
If you have a Smart or Pro website, you can add it to the SimDif Directory. With over 400 categories to choose from, it offers a high-quality backlink which can help Google find your site.

Add Key Business Details
You can also add your business address, logo, social media profiles, and working hours. This information is automatically put into the code of your website in a format that search engines can understand, so that it can be displayed in various places in search results.