Be Seen on Google and Social Media

Improve How Google Sees Your Website

Tapping on the 'G' icon at the top of each page of your website will open the Metadata settings. The first three fields in the Google Tab are important: Title for Search Engines, Name/address and Description.

When you enter a Title, Name and Description, the preview at the top of the screen shows you how your site might appear in a Google search results page. This will give you a clear picture of just how important these fields are. For many visitors, this will be their first impression of your website.

Control How Your Site Looks When Shared

If you have a Smart or Pro site you will be able to edit the Facebook and Twitter tabs in Metadata settings. In these tabs you can again put a Title and Description, but this time also an Image, which will be seen when you share your website.

In the Facebook tab, the preview at the top shows how your website will look in the Facebook feed or in Messenger when shared.

"Open Graph" metadata is not only used by Facebook, but also by LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, other social media, and messenger apps.

Learn with the Optimization Assistant

Now that you have published your site, you will have seen how the Optimization Assistant brings your attention to any details that you may have overlooked, just before you hit 'Publish Now'.

If you fix the issues raised by the Assistant, taking the time to learn about any points you don't understand in the Help section or Mini Guides first, your website will be off to a very good start.

The SimDif SEO Directory

The Directory is an index of websites made with SimDif, organised into over 400 categories. It's a great place to see examples of websites made with our website builder, and be inspired by what others have done. Visit the Directory at:

If you have a Smart or Pro site, you can add it to the Directory and gain more visibility on Google.
Find the category which best fits your website and add your logo, business information, social media profiles, address, opening hours and more.