A Website or a Facebook page?

Why a Facebook Page Alone Is Not Enough

Small businesses sometimes feel that being on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is enough for their online presence. But social media is designed primarily for entertainment, and people spend a lot of time there scrolling to relieve boredom. This might not be the best context to explain something about your business that takes more than a few seconds to understand.

Why Your Website Should Be Your Online Home

You Can Organize it For Your Clients
A website allows you to showcase your business in depth, and at the same time make it easy for visitors to find what they need.

It Can Be Found on Google
Search engines can find much more information in well-made websites than on social media pages. And remember that when people search on Google, they usually have a specific goal in mind. This makes a website essential for helping potential customers find you when they need you most.

Website or Social Media: Why Not Both?

Social Media Pages Can Support Your Website
Facebook is great for sharing events, new products, or promotions, and then leading your audience back to your website for more information.

Take Advantage of the Strengths of Each Platform
• Website: In-depth information, organized content, search engine visibility.
• Social Media: Interacting with followers, real-time updates, targeted advertising.