9 Common Website Mistakes

Avoid These Mistakes When Creating Your Website

Mistake #1: Making the Homepage "All About Me"
Your homepage should be a gateway to the other pages on your site. A quick introduction is fine, but then use Mega Buttons, Call-to-Action buttons or links to send people on a journey through your site.

Mistake #2: Writing Generic Titles
Each page's title should clearly reflect its content using the words potential visitors might search for. Avoid vague page titles like "Home", "Welcome to", or phone numbers.

Mistake #3: Giving Up Too Quickly
Website building takes time! If you are struggling to find words or ideas, take a moment to think about your visitors: What questions might they have? Imagine yourself in their shoes – what would you want to find when visiting a website like yours for the first time?

Don't Forget to Guide Your Visitors

Mistake #4: Too Much on One Page
Your menu should be a straightforward guide to the content of your pages. If a page has many topics that a visitor would never guess from the menu tab name, split the content into more than one page. One Topic, One Page!

Mistake #5: Dead-End Pages
Every page should have links or buttons to other related pages. You can design a tour of your site! Mega Buttons are the best guide because they show visitors a preview of the page they can go to.

Mistake #6: A Confusing Menu
Use 'Move Mode' to rearrange your tabs into a meaningful order. You can also add spacers to create distinct groups of tabs organized by category.

Remember To Optimize for Search Engines (SEO)

Mistake #7: Forgetting Your Visitors' Point of View
Write down the questions people might ask Google to find you – they are a great basis for page titles.
Then, think of what visitors will have in mind when they arrive on your site.

Mistake #8: Trying to Trick Google
Google likes genuinely useful websites. Using the same keywords over and over won't fool anyone. Just write naturally, using the language you find from thinking about your visitors questions, and organize your pages following the tips in points #4, #5, and #6 above.

Mistake #9: Using Text in Images
Avoid putting important text in images. Search engines can't "read" it!
Use images to illustrate the text in the block next to them. If the text in an image is necessary, be sure to include the same information in the image description, and perhaps also in the block next to it.