10 Tips for Building Your Site

Grow Your Communication Skills Alongside Your Website

You might be surprised to discover that building your own website has a hidden benefit: Your ability to express your vision and promote your business improves automatically.

These 10 tips can help:

Think of Your Visitors First

1. Understand their needs: Your site is for your audience. Try to anticipate your visitors questions, and make sure you answer them.

2. Use ordinary language: Stick to words that will be familiar to your clients, and avoid technical terms if they don’t use them.

3. One Topic, One Page: Create separate pages for each topic you want to present.

4. Short and clear: Visitors usually scan websites rather than reading from start to finish. Write short sentences and clear titles to be easily understood.

Optimize for Search Engines

5. Create helpful content: Search engines prefer websites that provide value to visitors. By offering real information and helping people make decisions, you create a useful site, and Google will help you in return.

6. Speak like your visitors: Real keywords come from the phrases people use to find websites like yours on Google. Use these phrases naturally throughout your website, but not just for the sake of including them.

7. Use descriptive titles: Give each page, tab, and block a clear and descriptive title.

8. Say what you actually do: Make sure you use original content and don’t copy text from other sites. Use synonyms rather than repeating keywords too often.

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A Checklist For When You Publish

10. Use the Optimization Assistant: Don't forget to follow the advice of the Assistant when you are ready to Publish!